Customized to fit your communities needs. We have 15 years experience managing HOA boards. Brick House has managed many unique situations giving us expertise in most areas. We strive to find a good balance between the board of directors and the community. We pride ourselves on customer service and solution oriented.


•  Prepare for and attend regular board meetings/Town Halls
•  Preparation of annual meeting & budget
•  Prompt handling of all homeowner inquiries
•  Communication through online messages
•  Selecting insurance providers and policies for board approval
•  Obtaining competitive bids for maintenance – Also Licensed Contractor
•  Arranging for the production of annual reserve studies
•  Document ARC applications and approvals
•  Monitoring of local/national laws and advice on pertinent legislative issues
•  Liaising with city/state/county authorities as needed 


•  Full Service Bookkeeping GAAP
•  Accounts Receivable and Payable
•  Balance Sheet
•  Profit & Loss Statement with Budget Comparison
•  Detailed General Ledger
•  Budget Comparison Report (Detail)
•  Month-to-Date Check Register
•  Invoice History Record
•  Bank Reconciliation Report
•  Collections on Receivables
•  Detailed homeowner list
•  Distribution of assessment coupons books or statements
•  Assessment collection and bank deposits (check, ACH, on-line)​
•  Assist in creating an annual operating budget


•  Supervision of contractors
•  Emergency site visits to ensure contractor performance
•  Enforcement of community association covenants, conditions and restrictions – Follow up violations
•  Common area inspections
•  Architectural and violation  tracking
•  Online maintenance and work order management
•  Liaise with city/state/county authorities as needed (police, fire, claims adjusters, neighborhood watch, etc.)
•  24-hour availability/on-call maintenance